Good phone etiquette is very important because we do not see the facial expression or body language of the person we are speaking with neither can they see us. Therefore, we must compensate for that by choosing our words carefully and respectfully  by using the right tone inflection to convey our message.


Below are a few cell phone etiquette you may wish to imbibe.

  1. Do not be a phone addict. Be in control of your phone; be temperate in how you use it.
  2. Speak gently. Endeavour to lower the tone of your voice especially when picking calls in public.
  3. Greet the caller Don’t be too busy to be nice
  4. Don’t interrupt while the other person is speaking; be courteous.
  5. Be courteous to those who are around you. Turn off your phone if it will be interrupting a major activity or conversation. Better still, you can put it on silence.
  6. Watch the tone of your language especially when people around you can hear you.
  7. Avoid talking about personal issues on the phone while in a public space. It shows you are not discreet.
  8. Do not make calls in a library, class, theatre, office, place of worship like church or while dining with guests.
  9. Never make calls or text while driving. It is very dangerous.
  10. Avoid inappropriate display or profile pictures. It can damage your reputation
  11. Avoid sending text messages while having conversations with people. It shows inconsideration.
  12. Endeavour to avoid lighting up your phone’s screen while in the cinema; it is distracting.
  13. If you have dialled a wrong number, Don’t just hang up because you are talking to a person and not just a machine.
  14. Observe courtesies like “Hello, Please, Thank you and Good bye”.
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