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7 Solid Truths About Eating Cow Skin (ponmo)

Ponmo is cow skin which has been processed for consumers to cook and eat like beef. Over the years cow skin popularly called ponmo has become an important delicacy that is eaten by everyone. When you order a plate of eba and egusi soup, you buy ponmo and meat. So, you begin to wonder how and when ponmo found its way to the plate of Nigerians.

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The Active Monkey

A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He orders a drink and while he’s drinking, the monkey jumps all around the place. The monkey grabs some olives off the bar and eats them. Then grabs some sliced limes and eats them. Then jumps onto the pool table, grabs one of the billiard balls, sticks it in his mouth and to everyone’s amazement, somehow swallows it whole.

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Shit Tales: Bad Day, Devil Drinks Water…

I had just left the Iselle-Ukwu NYSC camp in Delta state and was travelling back home in
order to retrieve my car for use in the service year. I stood at the motor park looking strange,
exhausted and tired. There was no attire to suggest that I was a corps member, save
my ID card in my pocket- my khaki and other paraphernalia of service were tucked away
safely in my little hand bag.

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