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Do You Need Many Friends?

Most times, people utter the statement, “they are just my friends, not my close friends.” Well, there are no rules as to how many friends you should have. The number of friends and intensity of the friendship needs to change from period to period, and sometimes even during a single week.

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Change Begins With You

Every day we are deluged with stories about how the world is going to hell and there is no doubt that the world needs a change. Everyone is crying for a change but there can’t be a change except there are change agents. Therefore, who are the change agents? You are the change agent and you are to function in every sector.

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Challenge Yourself

By challenging yourself regularly, you have taken the courage to step outside your comfort zone to enter the land of good opportunities. Challenge is the water achievers drink and dream about. It sharpens your knowledge and boosts your self-confidence.

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Is Honesty a Virtue?

Honesty is a character trait that is fading away in the society because people keep lying and saying things they do not mean. Also, people keep doing what they do not love and accommodating people who are extremely difficult to handle.

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