Shoes are important accessories for women. After dressing up you need the right pair of shoes to complement your outfit. There are different shoes for different occasions, that is why you need to pay attention to your choice of shoes.

Heels, Pumps

Heels and pumps are good as office wears and for formal occasions. High heels and mid-heels are good for pants, short and long skirts.

Thin heels are nice, but the thicker the heels, the more balance the shoes and the more comfortable you will be. Thicker heels also enhance a formal look.

It is advisable for short women to avoid shoes with t-straps and ankle straps because they visually cut off the legs and make them legs look shorter.

You may think wearing very high heels – more than 4 inches will make you look taller. The contrary could be the case because high heels make the calf muscles flex a lot thereby revealing the actual height of the person.

Toe shape: Narrow shoes give an overall slim look. However, women with large feet should avoid very pointy shoes because they may make them very uncomfortable. Shoes with an oval-shaped toe or a square toe are better and will make larger feet appear smaller.

Flats: Flats are the perfect shoes to wear with narrow pants, cropped pants and native wears. If you want to wear them with mid-length skirts, choose flats that have a slight lift in the heel.

Sandals: Sandals show more skin on the feet, making the legs look longer. Sandals are generally good for casual wears and less formal occasions.

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Boots: In choosing boots, ensure that they don’t stop at the thickest point of your legs. Most women’s legs are narrower right below the knees. Knee boots may therefore not be a bad idea and they are generally comfortable to wear. Also, boots with some stretch help to make heavy ankles and calves appear narrower.

Wedges: Wedges are nice shoes that have both height and balance. If you don’t like high heels, you may opt for wedges; because they have balanced soles, they are comfortable and add extra height to your appearance.

Oxfords and loafers: They are perfect for pants; they are classic anytime. They go well with skirts as well, either long or short.

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