How does God come into the picture in terms of starting a business? What is the Bible saying concerning your business? This book reveals these and more, it is definitely a good read. Business His Way explores the essential qualities of a business person.

As a business owner, your success is dependent on a number of requirements, they include:  your personal development, focus, high sense of commitment, your staying power, open-mindedness, willingness to seek counsel, ability to make good decisions, among other factors. Also, the qualities the bible highlights are outlined in this book, to serve as guidelines as you take important decisions towards the growth of your business.

Until now, I have never heard of “The Psalm 1 Business Person”, this book painstakingly spells out the biblical instruction a successful business owner should emulate. One of the prevailing themes the writer brings to light is fear. Fear is the reason why some never start that beautiful business idea. Fear is the same reason those who eventually start up go bankrupt. And as such, Business His Way gives a thorough analysis on the fear factor as it pertains to business; and how a business owner can survive and blossom in the heat of challenges.

Ibukun Awosika shares her early days’ experience as a business owner and how she scaled through the many fears that threatened her business.  She talks about the fear of failure, rejection, mistakes, change, to mention a few.

Partnership is another theme in the book, the first question to ask is: Is it scriptural to go into partnership? Or is it a way of starting business or raising funds? Read this book and discover why you should not jump into partnership without consulting God and your mentors. There are some important issues you need to resolve before going into such partnerships, the writer lists salient points to this effect.

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Business His Way is a total package, so you will not regret devoting your time to this book. Some sensitive issues in the market place are raised, and the biblical precepts to tackle such issues, highlighted. According to Mrs Awosika, honesty is a rare word today; you would not want to miss her take on this.

You cannot possibly start up a business without considering and tackling some issues like money, tax evasion, compromise, sacrifice, overworking at the expense of your nuclear family, embezzling funds, and a host of others.

The icing on the cake in Business His Way is that the writer shares her struggles and achievements as a veteran business owner. The principles she shares are priceless.

Business His Way is rich and insightful for both present and future business owners and entrepreneurs.

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