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Business Etiquettes You Should Know

Sometimes, when you hear the word “etiquette,” you refer to the use of fork and knife and how quickly you should send a thank you message when you receive a gift from someone. However, when it comes to business world, the way you act says a lot about your professionalism.

Even the slightest mistake can affect your career than you’d imagine. No one wants to work with someone who is rude and inconsiderate.  So, when you are conscious of the business etiquettes, it will set you apart professionally.

  • Make sure you use your full name when introducing yourself. People you met at the last conference might not remember your face neither will they remember your name. However, introducing yourself distinguish you from the people they have met. It will also help them find you on sites like LinkedIn.
  • It’s high time you stopped the habit of crossing and uncrossing your legs. It is normal to feel uncomfortable if you’ve been sitting for a while, but repeatedly shaking and changing the position of your legs distract your associates.
  • Don’t be too comfortable that you eat at your desk. You could go to the desk room to eat your lunch. It is understandable that some days it might be difficult to excuse yourself from work to eat, but remember that you will be more productive when you eat and give yourself that break.
  • Always resist the urge to barge into someone else’s office. Imagine how you’d feel when you are working and a co-worker pops into the office without knocking. You could send a message to your co-worker to find out when they’d be free to have the meeting.
  • It is good to ask questions during meetings, but keep them to a minimum. Meetings are a platform for you to bring up your concerns. However, if it is running late because of the inquiries, it is a waste of everyone else’s time. So, limit yourself to the important ones.
  • It is good to say thank you, but you need to limit them. There is nothing wrong with showing appreciation, but if you are repetitive with your gratitude, it begins to make you seem a little insecure.
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So, try to follow these business etiquettes in the professional world. This will enable you to get ahead in your career.

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