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How to Build a Happy Family

Your Family Can be happy.

God is the author of the first marriage. It was recorded in the bible that He made the first woman and brought her to Adam, who was so happy that he said this is the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.

When we get married, you may think that everything will be perfect. No marriage is immune to challenges and problems. Couples who love each other will have problems, but bible principles applied can make our marriage better and family happy.

  1. Accept the role God gave you.

The husband is the head of the family. If you are a husband, God expects you to care for your wife tenderly, treat her with dignity and love. Loving her so much and willing to put her interest first.

If you are a wife God expects you to respect your husband deeply and help him to fulfill his role, support his decisions and wholeheartedly cooperate with him. When you do, you will be beautiful in his eyes.


Ask your mate how you can be a better wife and vice versa. It might take time for both of you to learn how to make each other happy.

  • Be caring about your mate’s feeling.

You need to look out for the interest of each other treat your husband as a precious jewel. Thoughtless words are like the stabs of a sword, but the tongue of the wise is a healing. Carefully choose your words. Speak with kindness and love.


Learn how to remain calm and keep an open mind before discussion on important matters.

  • Think as a Team
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When you get married you become one flesh with your husband despite individual opinions and differences. So you need to learn to be united in your thoughts and feelings. The bible says can two work together except they agree. Let bible principles guide you as you make decisions together. Just imagine a team of football players not working together as a team. They will never achieve their purpose of being a winning team.


Share your feelings with your husband before making commitment or taking any decision

In conclusion, do not expect perfection of yourself or of your husband. Focus on each other’s strengths and let God guide you in the areas of weakness and your marriage will be stronger and better.

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