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Book Review: The Lady, Her Lover And Her Lord

This book captures the entirety of womanhood in three unique dimensions which produce a perfect pitch of inner harmony to any woman who embrace these principles. You could catch a glimpse of this from the title of the book; The Lady, Her Lover And Her Lord; which depicts the woman having three balanced relationships which in turn produces some semblance of fulfilment. In other words, it highlights what every woman needs to find balance in her life and fulfilment in her heart.

The author, T. D. Jakes, explores the first of the three dimensions-describing it as the lady’s relationship with herself. If a woman does not have a solid relationship with herself, she will recklessly pursue external relationships in the hope of achieving internal peace. Once a woman settles who she is on the inside, she attains complete contentment in the person she has become. The second dimension is marriage which is an important relationship in a woman’s life; when she has a lover, her eyes sparkle, her smile is bright and her voice is calm and passionate.

It is an established and proven fact that a woman does have to be married to be happy, however, there are a few things as satisfying as the sweet nectar of true eros love and sharing life with a partner who values and respects their spouse. The third dimension is the base of the triangle and the irreplaceable. It is possible to succeed and accomplish great results in all other aspects only to discover to discover there is a void or a missing link; the missing link is the need for a relationship with God.

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God is the conductor who orchestrates the human affairs, the tranquillity of contentment and anchor found in the presence of this God is second to none in the affairs of men and women alike. The Lady, Her Lover And Her Lord explores the various needs and functions of these three relationships. You will find some elements that will benefit you so much so that you will take time to study your own behaviour so you may put to practice the elements that are needed to become balanced.

This book was specifically written so that you might feel like a lady. When a woman feels like a lady and is able to celebrate herself, she will attract into her life people who reflect her own opinion of herself. Make no mistake about one thing, there are moments when even the strongest woman cannot resist the reinforcement of a man who is comfortable with who he is and who can be her anchor during the storms of life.

There are some things that the lady can receive only from within her, once she has mastered the art of self discovery. There are others that are a direct result  of her having a warm arm wrapped around her on a cold night; nudging, encouraging and pushing her to soar higher. But when human hands fail, there is always the strength of the everlasting arms of God, which never fails nor falter.

The Lady, Her Lover And Her Lord explores how every woman can live a balanced life and attain success in each of these significant areas. People  often ask; “Is it possible for a lady to have it all? This book gives you insights on why you shouldn’t settle for two sides of the triangle when you  can have it all. It will also share openly what it takes a lady to maintain her identity, his attention  and her fully enjoy favour from her God.

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