The need to enjoy and maximize your singlehood cannot be overemphasized. It is not a stigma, nor is it an excuse to be carefree; it is a time to build capacity, equip and gather the necessary knowledge for the nearest future. This book gives you specific guidelines to make choices that eventually leads to a successful and fulfilled life. In order to climb the ladder into success, you need to be armed with some crucial information.

The author is passionate about singles; his desire is to see young women succeed in all facets of life as singles. This book unveils the truths every single should know, and unlocks the principle to fulfilling purpose. Single without Wrinkle is packaged with words of wisdom, that will enlighten you and give you hope to live beyond every human limitation.

There is a common identity singles accord to them: “I am single” You are first a unique individual, whose future is great, then your status. Your status has nothing to do with your true identity, so dare to be different, yours is a rare identity. We have often heard that ‘success comes with a price’, this is the time to sow seeds, be a channel of blessing. The seed in question comes in different forms; sow seeds of love, time, invest materially and financially into the lives of people around you. What qualifies you for a relationship is not just your position, but also your disposition.

This book deals with the general misconception that most ladies concentrate on the outward appearance, and literally starve the inner man. The biblical character Rebecca is used as a case study in this regard. In other words, the Holy Bible is recommended as the best recipe to build and nourish your inner man. This book has been in existence for thousands of years, it has not failed any man, it would not fail you.  Another juicy information is that this book reveals the ideal and God ordained man, tailor made for you.

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One of the most interesting chapters is chapter three; the reason is that it gives an in-depth knowledge and understanding on manhood. You may need to redefine the concept of a real and true man. One of the questions you may need to ask is if your intended possesses all of these qualities: is he a priest, prophet, provider, or a protector. Then you will find out if your intended is a boy or a man, is he prepared to cater for his family?



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