This book explores the whole man; his make-up, nature and spirituality. The author polled single and married men from all walks of life on what gets their attention; she discovered their wants were pretty the same. The biggest shocker came from Christian men; they want a godly mate, but a beautiful woman!  They want a woman who is sold out to the Lord but still in possession of all the attributes they expect to find in a woman.

Michelle shared countless examples on paying attention to details in relationships; she gave clarity on what is appropriate for singles versus married women. One of the most captivating techniques the author adopted was using “the five-senses as tools to getting your dream man’s attention.  There are two basic questions every single woman must ask:

  • How do I get the attention of that special someone?
  • How do I keep the attention of the one I love?

Let’s consider the functions of the five senses as used by the author in relation to getting the man’s attention.

The Sight: if you must capture a man’s heart, then first; you must catch his eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, though silent, they speak volumes. Did you know your eyes have effects; they can captivate, invite, or deter a prospect, watch what you do with your eyes.  Others include, your lips demeanor, completion, skin, hair, hands, the list goes on. If you need to know how and why these body parts play a major in getting his attention, this book is a must read.

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The Sound: a woman’s words are creative in nature and very powerful. She said we can breathe life into a romance by the things we say or wipe out all possibilities with one fateful sentence- the wrong sentence. Your words include; complements conversation, prayer, teamwork, encouragement, etcetera.

The Smell: the scent of a woman goes a long way in attracting the attention of a man, or keeping the one you have once he has committed to the marriage union with you. The one that has no rival is cleanliness; others are perfume, clean surrounding, good breath, clean hair, home cooking and so on.

The Taste: a woman flavors a man’s world like no other spice. Your encounter with a man can leave him with sweet memories or a bitter aftertaste in his mouth. Is your menu list refreshing and sumptuous? Your moods, tears, fears, secrets, dreams, needs, love and passion is under this category. A man’s taste should be given utmost attention if one must win his heart.

The Touch:  we have heard so much about a woman’s touch that perhaps we have begun to take for granted how powerful it can be. It is time to revisit this philosophy; this book explained this in detail. Your touch includes: your home, clothing, accessories, paintings, furniture, your body and heart.

The author shared practical truths to getting your dream man’s attention.  Men are three-dimensional beings; you must appeal to all three levels of their make-up- physical, emotional and spiritual. Acquire the wisdom to become first, the woman God wants you to be, and second, a woman the right man will desire. To appeal all of man’s senses, send the right signals with your eyes, look your best all the time, make yourself attractive, smell good, be creative, and crown it with a warm character. 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention is rich and insightful for every woman. A man’s wants is expedient in sustaining a happy marriage or relationship, if you want to get his full attention, I recommend this book.

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