Biafran Agitators Nonsensical, Group Insists

A south east socio-political group, The Igbo Conscience (TIC) has dismissed the clamour for Biafra, asserting that the Igbo are better off in Nigeria. This was made known by the leader of the group, Barrister Monday Ubani, a former Chairman of the Ikeja Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Mr Ubani said: “It is dubious. It is fraudulent. It is selfish and does not command the support of most Igbo. It is a non-event, inconsequential, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. For, it is proven that the Ndigbo are better off and will do better in a united and prosperous Nigeria.”

The group noted that those agitating for Biafra have a misplaced idea of war, as most of them were not born during the civil war and know nothing about what it is to go through one.

Members of the group reminded the agitators that even the leader of the Biafra war, Late Col. Odimegu Ojukwu, had declared the Biafra agitation “not-feasible”, but can only exist as a “struggle of the mind”.

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