The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, whether you’re single, dating or married. It is the sacred area that allows you to rest, relax, recuperate and rejuvenate. So you should devote a lot of time to the little details when it comes to decorating.

You spend more time in the bedroom than any room in your home. Use these tips to make the most of your favourite space. Choose the right fabric for your bedroom, be inspired by new designs and find the perfect bedroom storage solution. Bedrooms can be a challenge to decorate. On one level, you want them to reflect the style of your home, on another they need to be the room where you can escape and relax.

In order to ensure that your bedroom has everything to satisfy your needs while reflecting the kind of person and lover you are, make sure you have the following items

A Place to Sit.

Whether it’s giant upholstery or a mismatched side chair, you’ll want something to sit on. It is nice to have a place to perch while tying your shoes so you don’t mess up the bed you just made. This is a great opportunity to rehab a flea market chair or use a couple of yards of beloved fabric.

Stylish Lighting.

A good-looking pair of lamps flanking the bed is an instant style update that’s practical too. A classic pair of ceramic lamps is a great choice, but we also love wall-mounted sconces — especially for late-night readers. A three-way bulb is a considerate touch.  You need bright light to see things in a wardrobe but not at other times, so dimmers are ideal. Bedside lamps can be a feature and provide light to read by.

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Upgrade Your Pillows.

If you don’t have a small fortune to spend on linens, start with your pillows. Buy one for both you and your partner that fits the way each of you sleep. Then, upgrade the pillows in your shams. You’ll be amazed at how much more neat your bed will look with a new pillow that has a nice shape. And while we’re at it, lose the superfluous throw pillows. A pair for sleeping, a pair of Euro-size shams, and a pair of standard-size shams is all you need. Add a bolster or lumbar pillow in a contrasting fabric to give the bed some interest

A Pretty Colour.

Some say a bedroom should be a restful colour, while another school of thought suggests a bedroom is an appropriate place for colours that create a cosy cocoon. In any case, the colour scheme of your bedroom should be one that you enjoy and that inspires happy thoughts as you drift to sleep.

Colour is key to creating a relaxing bedroom, and it’s important to select a shade that works well both first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

‘Don’t forget the ceiling, ‘It’s the one thing you’re sure to notice when you’re in bed!


It is the simplest way to make a difference to a room. Add a range of patterns and texture to create interest on walls with eye-catching papers, silks, wood panelling or even polished concrete or plaster. It is essential to feel something sumptuous underfoot, so choose either a plush, deep-pile carpet or top warm wood floorboards with a soft rug. Avoid fashionable floor coverings such as sisal or coir as they are too scratchy for a bedroom floor.  Use different patterns in complementary colours, play with scale, or contrast masculine and feminine by upholstering a pretty chair in some masculine tailoring stripes. Dark colour schemes create a sensual atmosphere and tactile fabrics intensify the luxurious feel.

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With these few tips, I hope you can have your dream bedroom where you feel refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.


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