Most times, we hear that we are to be joyful givers who give until it hurts. Well, either you are a cheerful giver or you give until it hurts, the question I need to ask you is: “should it hurt to give?”

To me, giving is a way to be joyous. This is because, the more you give, the more joy you should have. In fact, God is a cheerful giver as stated in the holy book. So tell me, what is your excuse for not giving?

When you give wholeheartedly, you experience various things which include:

  • The blessings of God.
  • The grace abounds towards you.
  • You are always sufficient.
  • You will never lack.

Also, cheerfulness in the giver enhances to the recipient the value of gift. You may give with your hand and pull it back with your looks. Some benevolent characters give with a grace that leaves the receiver thinking more of the giver than of the gift.

Therefore, when you want to give, let your acts be in tandem with you words.

It is important to understand that, we all have different personalities and views about the world. When it comes to finances, Ray Linder breaks down the personalities which are,

  • The protectors who tend to be thoughtful, careful and conservative.
  • The planners who are the creative problem solvers.
  • Pleasers tend to be more rational, idealistic and charitable.
  • Players tend towards being fun-loving free spirits.

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So, when we think of how we spend money as an extension of our personality, we will understand that becoming a cheerful giver is going to look different for us. You can’t be judging how happy you are about giving.

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Lastly, if you are not cheerful about it, just give anyway. Obviously, giving out of compulsion or obligation is not ideal and no one should give under duress. So, should you give when you don’t feel like it? Yes, you should because an important lesson of being a cheerful giver is learning to give and learning that you are not actually harmed by giving.

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