“Beautiful” is a very versatile word, having a lot of different meanings. With this, it is not a state achieved by make-up or flamboyant dressing. It describes a positive energy coming from within. Beautiful is your being!

If you want others to feel that you are beautiful, you need to feel the same about yourself both inside and out. You do not have to receive validation from others. You don’t have to hide behind makeup to feel good because your smile says it all.

However, there are some specific traits you need to exhibit to be truly beautiful inside and out. Don’t be surprised if they are what you are familiar with. Then, let it be a reinforcement for you.

To be beautiful inside and out, you need to be optimistic. There is nothing more contagious than a woman with a positive energy. In today’s world, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Technology makes us more vulnerable than ever and our views of beauty are not as natural as they used to be. So, you need to see the silver lining in negative situations.

Also, nothing is more beautiful than a woman with a unique combination of style and quirks. You don’t need to get lost in doing what everyone else in doing because of trends. You just need to embrace “you.”

In addition, you need to sympathise with others in other to be beautiful inside and out. We are all from different families, different places and traditions. It seems easy to write off someone else’s beliefs with the word “weird or inappropriate.” But, you need to be thoughtful towards opinions and beliefs.

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Furthermore, being healthy is what everyone struggles with. Our body takes us from point A to point Z. So, we need to take care of it. If you don’t take care of your body, who will?

Not only is laughter contagious but so is happiness and positive energy. A happy person is beautiful inside and out. When you are having a bad day, try to fix it instead of being moody or trying to bring people down. Being different is a good thing!

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