People are a heritage and gift from God to you. You are surrounded by friends, family and loved ones. Why would you not be grateful? Do you know that when you appreciate people, you give them one of the life’s most precious yearnings?

In life, it is important to appreciate everyone whether they are significant or insignificant. However, everyone is important. This makes the person feel valued and you would be happy that you have contributed meaningfully to the person’s life.

Being thankful is a mood lifter. It is a yardstick to ascertain the kind of people who should be around you. It promotes meaningful relationships built on sincere support. Therefore, you need to learn how to be thankful for the gift of people because being lonely can lead to depression.

Here are the few ways that would help you to appreciate people around you:

Find a way to say that you care

There are many ways to express appreciation that are more direct and specific. A common way is saying “I love you.” The more you communicate it, the better chance that people will see it as genuine.

Accept them as they are

People are different with unique abilities. It is not possible to force someone to change. It is okay to disagree with what they say but, it is not okay to disrespect them. With this, you don’t need to push them away.

Compliment them

You can acknowledge the person’s best qualities. It shows that you notice them and you are appreciative. Hand out compliments frequently. Some common ways to do that is by saying “you are brilliant, you look beautiful, you are so kind and caring.”

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Show gratitude

Sometimes, we are so busy and wrapped up in life that we forget to express gratitude to our friends, family and loved ones. We tend to take things in life and people for granted though it is usually not on purpose. To spice up the relationship, you can think of ways to express gratitude.

Please, pay attention to people around you. Today, I want you to write an old fashioned card to someone you appreciate so much. It could be in a form of a letter or a text. Let them know that you are thankful and you do not take them for granted.

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