Pregnancy takes your body through a myriad of changes and these tend to interfere with your sleep in one way or another. It could start in early pregnancy with nausea and as you go along you encounter aches and pains, heartburn, breathlessness, snoring, restless legs, leg cramps, worries about parenthood, a constant urge to empty your bladder and the baby’s kicking! While there are some things that you can’t really control, you can try a few things that will improve your sleep quality during this time. Try as many tips as possible to give you a good night’s rest because the baby will take up most of your sleeping hours once she comes.  

 Create a sleep schedule and stick to it

Your body gets used to routines after a while so you can easily start one. Go to bed at around the same time and wake up at around the same time every day. This will allow your body to eventually get used to a particular sleep pattern. You may even find that at some point you want to sleep in but you are fully awake and your body just won’t heed. Don’t fall for that temptation though because you may have a har time falling asleep at night.

 Bedtime routine

What relaxes you? Is it a good book? A warm bath? Maybe a warm glass of milk does the trick? It could be a combination of all these. Whatever it is that gets you relaxed, make it part of your bedtime routine. Take your time and keep it going for about 20-30 minutes. Falling asleep becomes a little easier.

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Turn the bedroom into a conducive sleeping area

It is not enough that you have a comfortable bed in your bedroom. Is your room a great place to sleep? Pregnancy hormones get your body all hot and such so you might need it a little cooler for you to feel comfortable. Can you hear noise from the neighbor’s drum practice sessions? You might need some earplugs for that. Is there too much light coming in from outside? Get some blackout curtains that will shut out the light and allow you to sleep peacefully. Do all you can to ensure you sleep comfortably in your bedroom.

 Bed is for sleep and sex only

Sometimes sleep drags its feet to your doorstep and you think maybe watching your favorite comedy or that tear-jerking moving will help bring it faster. While you may dose off at some point, this isn’t good practice. Use your bed for fun things like sex and sleep. Sex will definitely get you sleepy and leave you with other healthy benefits. Screen time may lead you to bring some snacks into the mix and they probably won’t be fresh apples.

Sleeping on your left side

Sleeping on your left may seem odd at first but you’ll see the sense soon enough. This position allows for proper flow of nutrients and blood to the baby. It also aids your kidneys in getting rid of fluids and waste. As your bump grows this position will be most comfortable for sleep so start practicing! Some women worry when they wake up to find themselves sleeping on their back because this position reduces blood flow to the baby. If you wake up and find that just roll over to your left and continue sleeping. You can also use pillows to keep you on your left side through the night.

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Quit alcohol and smoking

You should already have quit these two when you found out about your pregnancy because they are harmful to the baby. Alcohol may send you to slumber in a hurry but it doesn’t allow for a proper restful sleep. It will get you thirsty due to dehydration and as the body metabolizes it the chemicals produced wake you up. Cigarettes contain nicotine, a stimulant, and therefore keep you up longer and also doesn’t allow for deep sleep.

Sleep is essential for every human being to function properly and more so for pregnant women. Do everything you can and find what works for you to get a good night’s sleep because these tips will come in handy even after the baby come. All the best!


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