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Professional facials are fantastic and decadent, but they can also be expensive. Why pay for one when you can do a facial yourself at home? This basic five-step facial can be done once a week and works on all skin types including oily, dry, and combination skin.

Gather your favorite products, and keep in mind that many skincare items are easy to make at home as well. These are good choices if you enjoy a quick DIY project or simply want to keep things completely natural while saving money.

Most importantly, take some time to relax while you treat yourself to a spa night. Afterward, you’ll enjoy the look and feel of your fresh, glowing skin and feel rejuvenated.

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step in any facial is to cleanse your skin with a cleanser formulated for your skin type. There’s no need to splurge on department store cleansers, a basic drugstore cleanser will work well. Cleanser just gets washed down the sink, so you can save money there and spend it on moisturizers and other products that don’t get washed away.

To cleanse your skin, rinse your face and neck first in lukewarm—never hot—water. Then dot the cleanser on your forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. Massage the product into your face and neck in a circular motion for at least a minute, making sure to get around the nose and the chin.

Rinse your face and neck with a warm washcloth.

Don’t forget to remove eye makeup with a makeup remover.

Two great options include the drugstore favorite Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and the department store favorite Clinique Take the Day Off.

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Step 2: Exfoliate

There are several ways to exfoliate your skin. Many people swear by the Clarisonic Mia, though it’s not necessary. Instead, you can try this simple three-step method with your favorite store-bought or homemade scrub:

  1. Apply a gentle exfoliating facial scrub in a circular motion on your face.
  2. Using your fingers, concentrate on the areas around your nose and forehead. If you have combination skin, work harder on the areas that tend to be “greasy.”
  3. Use a soft washcloth soaked in warm water to rinse your face. The washcloth itself acts as a natural exfoliant. If you’re looking for something special, try super soft bamboo baby washcloths.

Step 3: Steam

There are several ways to steam your face. It can be as simple as filling your sink with warm water. Dip a washcloth in and press it to your face, repeating two or three times.

If you prefer, you can take it further and boil water in a teapot. By adding soothing herbs, you can enhance the experience and be left feeling even more rejuvenated.

Step 4: Mask

Just like all skin care products, you have many options when it comes to a face mask. For oily skin, use a clay-based face mask. If you have dry skin, go for a hydrating gel or cream mask. You can also save money by creating your own facial mask from common household ingredients. Things like oatmeal, sugar, and coffee are perfect for any skin type.

Apply the mask, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Keep it on for 10 to 20 minutes (or according to the directions on the product).

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Cucumbers are not necessary, though they can do wonders for relieving tired eyes.

Sit back and relax. This is the time when some soothing music and a few candles can really add to the spa experience. When the time is up, be sure to rinse the mask off completely.

Step 5: Moisturizer

Many home facial recommendations suggest using a toner in between the mask and moisturizer. However, toners are not necessary. If you have oily skin, it may not be a bad idea. For every other skin type, the other products will leave your face clean and give you a healthy glow.

Whether you tone or not, moisturizing your refreshed skin is the last step in your facial. Smooth on a soothing, basic moisturizer over your face and neck. If you want something that’s both organic and cheap, try extra virgin coconut oil.

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