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Bad Social Habits You Should Quit

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Social etiquette is not just about greeting people with a warm smile. You may know all the soft skills in your personal development book but it does not necessarily mean that you follow the right social etiquette.

And let’s face it, bad social habits throw everyone off.

By working on these tips we’ll be putting out in this post, you’ll be able to turn around any bad social habits you might have, so that you can start attracting more people rather than pushing them away.

Bad Habits Associated with Eating and Talking
  • First, talking with a mouth filled with food. It is just rude and a sign that you need to learn table manners. So, whenever you are asked a question while eating, chew your food and then, answer the question.
  • Second, don’t rush. If the person really has to hear from you, they’d wait.
  • Also, avoid placing your elbows on the dining table. This might seem harmless but you could hit the plate or the mug and spill something. So, it is best that you sit back to enjoy your meal.
  • The next one is drinking too much. I am not talking about coffee, tea or water. When you are in a social setting that involves drinking alcohol, avoid overindulgence. Don’t drink too much alcohol because it can cause you to say things you might regret later.
Bad Manners Associated with Communication
  • First, avoid making inappropriate comments. Stop and think before you speak. Even if someone wears a pair of shoes that clashes with their dress, you don’t want to embarrass yourself and the person by making rude comments.
  • Avoid the chronic use of your cell phone. Cell phones are wonderful until they replace your communication. If you exhibit this habit often, make sure you stop it now.
  • Reduce the use of sarcasm and insult. Sarcasm is funny to everyone except to the person you are making the comment. If you are too sarcastic, there is a tendency that you will lose your friends.
  • Also, avoid talking too loud. You risk offending a lot of the people who are around you. You should practice talking softly.
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Bad social habits Associated with Behaviour in Public
  • First, invading personal space. This means standing or seating really close to somebody. No matter how close you are to someone in a relationship, you should give them some personal space.
  • Second, avoid public displays of affection. PDAs involve couples showing their love in front of others. It might seem so cool to you but it might make many people around you very uncomfortable, especially in societies (like in Asia and Africa) where such behaviour is very much frowned upon. So, keep things cool until you are behind closed doors.
  • Also, brushing your hair in public places is not so nice. Even if you need to brush your hair, don’t do it in the office or the dining room. The best thing is to get up and go to the restroom.
  • No one wants to be around those who constantly pick their nose in public places. Avoid doing this.
  • Another bad behaviour is dropping trash on the ground. After you’ve finished your food or your drink, you should look for waste bins to throw the wrapper.
  • Furthermore, laughing at others’ bad luck. As funny as it may seem when something bad happens to someone else, I think you should avoid the urge to laugh. Remember, it is not funny to the person that experienced the misfortune.

It might take a while to change bad habits but, you should work on them. Also, don’t justify bad behaviours.

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