When discussing work tips, it includes having a good work relationship with colleagues, Employer and Clients. Having with you tips that work and actually using those tips makes you an employee of choice with a good standing before your employer and co-employees.

Below is an excerpt from one of Richard Templar’s books that made sense to me and I thought I should share.  Templar says in his book that one of the things that distinguish an employee is the habit of asking questions. Intelligent questions often time is a plus to the way you are been perceived. These questions need not be asked the conventional way…as long as they come out well.

Ask Questions

The object of the exercise is to become:

  • Popular
  • Promotable
  • Successful
  • Thoroughly nice
  • Efficient

“One of the easiest ways to do this is to learn and practice the habit of asking questions. What sort of question? Well, that depends obviously on the situation. You can start by complimenting people sincerely, with a follow-up question. For instance: “I really liked your presentation. I thought you were incredibly calm. How do you avoid shaking?” Or, I like your new method of handling invoices. What gave you the idea?

Asking questions shows that you have paid attention, care, are interested, are thoughtful, and are considerate and creative. Stupid people don’t ask questions. Bored people don’t ask questions. Lazy people don’t ask questions. Any questions?

Belligerent people tend to make statements- ‘I don’t like that idea, it’s unworkable’. A calm and intelligent person would say the same thing differently, and with questions: ‘I think I need more information about this idea. How do you see it working? Will dispatch be able to handle the increase in orders? Can we provide enough extra staff to cover? Maybe we all need to go away and think about this one, what does everyone think? You haven’t said the idea stinks but they know you think that, but they also think you are a thoroughly nice person-you have not shot them down in flames in front of their colleagues, but you have given them enough rope to hang themselves if they want to. You’ve given them a get out if they choose to take it-go away and think about it more means let’s not hear about this again, but it’s a terribly diplomatic way of saying so.

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Asking questions is a very nice thing to do in a general way. It means, apart from wanting to know more, you are interested in your colleagues. But do make the questions genuine and sincere, worthwhile and kind.”

Richard Templar.


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