Many of us have the skills mastered perfectly. But for those who often get themselves in a fix wondering what to give whom, and how to draw the line between appropriate and downright embarrassing, rest easy and read on.
The first thing to understand is that gift-giving is a form of communication, and like any other form of communication, you can develop the necessary skills required to make you a master in the art. A second point, and one no less important than the first, is that the ultimate goal when giving a gift, for whatever reason it is being given, is to please the recipient. Knowing this is the first step to mastering the art of gift-giving; when your focus remains on the recipient.
The truth is; anyone can become good, even great at giving gifts. All you need is to become a little more perceptive, a whole lot more creative and to carry with you the knowledge that the value of the gift is never measured by how much you spend, but how much it means to the recipient.
This should be labelled the truest and surest way to giving the perfect gift. Great gift givers always pay attention to what their friends, loved ones and colleagues are saying, what their interests are things they abhor and things they love. If you listen closely, you’ll find that people are always dropping hints about themselves constantly. You can easily pick an idea or two from what they say and surprise them with something they really like or want.

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Hobbies or Interests
Imagine that you have spent hours looking through stores trying to pick the right gift for a friend. Having a grasp of what their hobbies are or where their interests lie will steer you in the right direction and save you lots of time. You must however be sure not to overdo things. Knowing what hobbies people have doesn’t necessarily mean that every gift you give must be related to that hobby. Now, that is where creativity comes to play. Let’s say your friend loves collecting porcelain dolls; chances are that everyone else knows that and she may get lots of porcelain dolls as gifts. You could tow a different line by maybe buying her a book on how to maintain them or one reflecting the history and evolution of the craft.

Keep Personality in Mind
This is so much more important than people give attention to. Beyond selecting what you may think is an appropriate gift; you’ve got to conscious of who you are giving the gift to; especially if you do not want to turn it into an awkward experience. Learn to match your gift to the recipient’s unique personality. For one thing, it sends a message that you are a careful giver. If you’ve got a sister who loves to entertain, why not buy her new tableware? It shows that you carefully thought of what to give her.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow
Bottom line, when it comes to giving gifts, you’ve got to let your creative juices flow. Really, it could be anything, so long as it’s something that will be appreciated. The possibilities are endless when you creatively select a gift.
Finally, do not give to people what you expect that they should give to you in return. Remember, you are the gift-giver and not the recipient. Find your loved ones the meaningful gifts they deserve and will genuinely appreciate!

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