The eagle is a bird that depicts beauty, strength, size, power of flight, independence and keenness of vision. Eagles are differentiated from other birds mainly by their larger size, powerful build, bigger head and keen vision. This enables them to spot a potential prey from afar. An eagle is majestic, magnificent, powerful and full of dignity. It is considered as the king of the birds and symbolises a conqueror. They never hide from the storm or rain.  Unlike other birds, they stare the storm in the eye and they mount up and fly right through the storm.

The chicken on the other hand is a domestic bird used for food. It can be caged, tamed and used anyhow or at any time because they are lesser birds. Chickens fly only slightly above the ground and at very short distances, mostly over fences to escape perceived danger. Chickens are noisy and can be found everywhere. Many animals prey on the chicken because it walks on the ground.

A lady can choose to either be an eagle or a chicken.

Lady, if you are an eagle, you will know what you want and will spread your wings and ensure you work hard and smart to achieve your goals. An eagle knows that distractions and problems are limitations to growth, barriers to greatness, balloon busters and road blocks but above all, they are catapults to the palace. It never takes its eyes off the goal because it is a focused bird. As an eagle lady, you should be focused.

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As an eagle lady, you should not give in to the lure of a care-free life. You must be deliberate about the kind of life you live. Regardless of whatever may come along your path, you must learn to hold your head up fixed on your goal. As an eagle lady, you should always know that you have been created to do God’s will on earth, therefore, no matter the enormity or intensity of the task, you will not and cannot be overwhelmed or afraid to tread where chickens cannot dare.

As an eagle lady, you must learn to adjust quickly and with great accuracy when situations change. Because change is inevitable, you must learn to adapt quickly to changes so you can make the best of any situation you find yourself in.

Eagle ladies turn images into reality and dreams into actualisations. They are not just dreamers; they are doers. They are not just talkers; but workers. They don’t moan over what could be that isn’t their reality yet. They are not necessarily born with silver spoons, but they know how to roll up their sleeves to work and earn to purchase their silver spoons and dine with royalty.

An eagle lady does not remain on the spot where she fell. Each time she falls, she gets up again, dusts herself and continues her race. An eagle lady is someone who is teachable.

To become an eagle, you must learn more than others, you must sharpen your intellect, read voraciously and insatiably. Your ability to soar high as an eagle is dependent on how you position yourself. Your position will determine your possession. Quit laziness and be willing to learn something new even from people younger than you.


Eagles don’t associate with chickens because there is no basis for that kind of camaraderie. Remember, ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

Eagles are visionary, fearless, daring, determined, strong, fast, dependable, disciplined, committed and dedicated. Does this describe you?


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