It’s now a known fact that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable! So also, when we don’t know the reason behind having an on-going interaction with someone, we nullify its essence.

No one should be entertained in our lives just for the fun of it. You’re either adding to that person or such person is adding to you. In most cases, it is beneficial for each party to learn something from the other such that there’s mutual growth and satisfaction on both sides.
Overtime, I’ve had relationships and they are countable! The reason is I don’t maintain communication with people anyhow, knowing that people are in your life either to make you, stagnate you or mar you!

What does it mean to appraise? It is assessing the value or quality of something.
How often do we assess the value of the relationships we closely cling to? We have kept some relationships for a very long time; some for over 10 years, yet we have not evaluated them to determine whether they are worth keeping or not.
Not all relationships are meant to last for a lifetime. Some are just for a season and some, just for a day! An attempt to continue in a relationship that has already fulfilled its purpose in your life will only bring complications.

There’s nothing that can be compared to relationships because nothing can be done without people. It’s a tool in God’s hands and also the devil’s hand!

Don’t just allow yourself to hang on to relationships anyhow. Can you pause for a minute and look at the relationships in your past and present? Can you remember those you wish you never met?What of those you wonder what would have happened if you never met?

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Looking into intimate relationships, we cannot afford to flow along where the tide takes us. It’s time to appraise and decide, either to make a U-turn or to continue.

It took a lady 6 years to appraise and define her relationship. Note that as you appraise it, you should also define it.This is not a fairy tale, but reality between a lady and a guy. She’s been dating this guy for 6 years and someone asked her why it was taking so long for them to tie the knot. She said she didn’t want to sound desperate. Well, she was advised to define the relationship by having a heart to heart talk with him.She did and to her amazement, the guy replied saying that he never had the intention of marrying her and he only took her as a sister. He said that as a matter of fact, he was engaged! The lady wept bitterly.

However, this only happens in a situation where you take as much as 6 years before appraising a relationship. It ends in hurts, regrets and bitterness.

Check your motives for the current relationship(s) you are in.

These are some pertinent questions you need to ask yourself:

1.       Are you truly in love or you’re just passing time?

2.       Do you see a future in it?

3.       Can you truly say your partner loves you genuinely and has positively added to your life over the years?

4.       Has this relationship brought a level of inner fulfilment to both of you?

5.       Are you just hanging on, not tilling the ground and watching the weeds grow?

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Time is going, life is moving on fast. Life is about investing and you need to know if you’re making a worthy investment and not wasting time.So folks, what’s next? Pick a pen and notepad. Sit down today, think deep and Appraise Your Relationships!

Check your values and that of the other party.

Be truthful to yourself.
Look at where you should make adjustments and do what you need to do accordingly.

Tell the other party where you think things are not working then decide either to go on by consciously working on it or stopping it!

Do this often and please, remember that where there’s no appraisal, there’s no purpose.
Love you all and I wish you the best in your relationships.
Keep believing in Love…

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