Single people can relate to this, especially when you and your friends were both single and she/he got into a relationship along the line; even though you might be happy for your friend but you will also be jealous if your friend and partner are the smoochy smoochy type, the ones that like public display of affection. It will always be hard to be around them without been jealous. Here are some things couples do that are irritating for single lads like me.

All over each other: We understand you guys are in love and can’t keep your hands off each other but kindly save us from your public display of affection and stop rubbing what we are missing by being single in our face.

Social media display: Making us see different love up pictures of you both on all your social media handles can be very annoying, all those constant media updates can get one jealous. ‘Social media love affair’.

Talking about your partner all the time: As your friend, we know you must talk about your relationship, but please stop boring us with details. There are so many important things to talk about than your relationship all the time.

Matchmaking us: Ok….we know you want us to be in a relationship too but please stop matchmaking us with your partner’s friends. Our being single is for a reason, we will go into a relationship when it’s time.

Bringing your partner everywhere: We get you guys are couples but it doesn’t mean you have to go everywhere together, you aren’t Siamese twins. When we want to hang out with you, it’s just you alone and not with your partner so respect that.

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Shout out to the Singles and savvy.


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