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Compliments of the season. It’s a new year and a lot of people talk about new year’s resolutions and goals at this time. The thing is people hastily assume you have goals and just advise you to go on and achieve them. However, what if you don’t have any goals? Or maybe you don’t have enough of it? Contrary to whatever you may think, I don’t intend to judge you if you have little or no goals for the new year; rather, my aim is to help you out.

So here are seven goals you can set for yourself this year and you have to promise to achieve them all. *winks*

  1. A great career: In a country like Nigeria where finding a job is a job itself, if you are unemployed, ,your goal for this year is to get a job or start a business. If you do have a job already, then have a goal to be extraordinary at it this year.
  2. Self-improvement: Now this has nothing to do with your career, but with your character. There are some flaws or bad habits that you do have, so use this year to improve at your character and quit as many bad habits as you can.
  3. Increase your spiritual life: Aside from growth in career and in character, you also need growth in your spiritual life. Without growth in this area, you may just find yourself redundant in every area of your life. So, regardless of your faith, ensure you grow in it.
  4. Meet new people: This should be an exciting goal, because it is always fun to meet new people (at least for me); so, have it in your goal to meet new people, if not for pleasure then for business. Remember, your network is your net worth.
  5. Learn new things: There are a lot of things to learn in life, so whatever it is, ensure that you have it in your goal to learn as much as you can this year.
  6. Be beautiful: This goes without saying because you are already beautiful. However, you should still have a goal to be the most beautiful version of you, not just in character or spiritual-wise but also in your appearance.
  7. Have fun: Now, what is life without fun? This year, if possible, have a special calendar for when to have fun so that you don’t forget to!
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Cheers to you all…


Nifemi Adekunle

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