Over the years, the benefits of Olive Oil have been receiving public attention. While some simply attribute it to the oil used by some religious groups, or as having some special spiritual powers, there is a whole lot more to this oil than meets the eye.


Simply described, Olive oil is oil that is pressed from olives. The process of extracting olive oil is incredibly simple. All you need to do is press the olives and out comes the oil.


Several sources claim that the best type of olive oil is the extra virgin olive oil. It is so called because of the natural methods used in extraction to retain its purity.


The basic composition of Olive Oil is Saturated Fat: 13.8%.


Mono-unsaturated Fat: 73% (most of it the 18 carbon long oleic acid).

Omega-6: 9.7%

Omega-3: 0.76%

Vitamin E: 72% of the RDA

Vitamin K: 75% of the RDA

Olive Oil is also rich in antioxidants


Olive Oil as a Medicine

It has been speculated that one of the mechanisms behind olive oil’s benefit, is its ability to fight inflammation. Beyond that, Olive Oil has been attributed to help in the fight against other diseases like, blood clotting, high blood pressure, cancer and Alzheimer’s.


Olive Oil for Hair Growth

Olive Oil has been found to be used to prevent hair loss and in some cases, even to cure hair loss. Applying Olive Oil to the scalp regularly not only keeps the scalp from drying up, it also keeps the hair shiny, soft and well-nourished without having to deal with over oiliness from chemically manufactured products.

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Olive Oil on the Face and Body

It is common knowledge that vitamins A and E are very good for the skin. Imagine slathering oil packed with those vitamins on your skin, the benefits are incredible! It can be used as a facial treatment or as your regular facial oil. The oil moisturises the skin as it penetrates the pores of your skin as a shield, while keeping the skin soft and smooth.


Olive Oil as a Cooking Agent

There is much debate on how good Olive Oil is for cooking. What remains undisputed, however, is that its health benefits far outweigh whatever reservations certain nutritionists have concerning its downsides. It remains one of the healthiest oils for both cooking and frying.


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