Gloria is in her mid-thirties, a beauty to behold, educated and God fearing but wasn’t and never married. I see her walk into the church with worries all over her face, often wondering why she looks so saddened, until I summoned the courage to talk to her.

Dear sister Gloria, she responded in surprise, would you like to take a walk? She gave a very …….look and replied …hmmm ok. She seem like an uptight fellow who wouldn’t want to talk much , so I knew it won’t be easy getting her to talk to me.

How was service today? You look so tired and your facial expression says it all…..oh my face? She replied…most people in this church has asked me same. Some say I look mean; well… it could be the stress from work and some personal issues.  A smile could go a long way to add shine and colour to our looks you know …I continued, you have a pretty face and it could be a lot prettier with a smile. I would like to invite you to my sister’s wedding this weekend; I could pick you up if you want me to …..Hmmm, your elder or younger sister… she asked, my younger sister …I replied.  Lucky her, the younger ones now get married while the older ones still keep believing  and hoping for miracles , well God help us .

I smiled; this could be the reason for her depressed moods I presumed…….

Why do women see marriages as there end point? In variety of ways, women let men know they won’t be happy or live a fulfilled life unless they are married. The idea that any woman needs a man to be happy and fulfilled today seems practically incorrect.

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This explains why women get into marriages for the wrong reasons. Some ladies put pressure/manipulate their men to marrying them. Naturally, a woman who is about to marry would like to believe that marriage is necessary for her happiness. ‘Marriage is essential to my happiness, if you love me as you claim, you will do what it takes to make me happy’.

Communication can go a long way instead of pressure, subtle hints could work out, some say men usually don’t get subtle hints else it is been discussed in clear terms. Nothing scares a guy from marriage than a pressuring woman. Subtle leads can be so clear to a man who wants to get married. Firstly, understand your man and be sure you are ready to be committed to him.

Any woman aspiring to settle down should take cognizance of the following- Have you truly been in a relationship with this man, if yes, how well do you know him? Do you see him ready financially? , Can you be the woman in the relationship? Do you think you complete him?

It is better to marry late than marry wrong, I said to Gloria, there is nothing too difficult for God to do; sometimes delays are deliberate acts from God to make us have the best in the end.

Just keep looking good, stay cheerful, and remember men fall in love with what they see and not often what they hear. You have to stand up, dress up, keep moving and don’t give up; most especially trust God, tell God and let God.

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I will like to be your friend she replied, thank you for putting a smile on my face; you can have my contact and please send me the address to the wedding venue.

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