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Agbada Ankara Gowns styles for fashionable Women

Agbada Ankara Gowns styles for fashionable Women

Menswear for women is popular all over the world. Major international fashion brands know how to tweak classic tuxedo and other traditionally male designs to fit women. Recently, Nigerian ladies have hopped on the trend by customizing agbada ankara gown styles to fit women.

Are you interested in this fashionable trend? Here are tips to make sure you (and your seamstress) get it right.

Tips for sewing agbada ankara gown styles for women

Since you don’t want to end up online for those humiliating ‘what I ordered versus what I got list’, you can follow our tips to get the best agbada ankara gown styles for ladies.

1. Choose a great fabric

Choose a nice fabric that can carry the style. When men wear agbada, they often use the ‘senator’ material because it is stiff. You can work with your seamstress to pick the right fabric.

2. Consider the colour of the outfit

While men love their agbada in solid, darker shades, your agbada ankara gown styles should pop! Don’t be afraid to choose yellow, red or even neon.

3. Trousers or not?

You can pair your female agbada with trousers, skirts or you can even ditch the bottoms and just wear it as a mini-dress. This choice will depend on the occasion you’re attending. However, if you choose to sew up-and down agbada, you can still wear only the top whenever you want.

4. Shoes and accessories

Ladies who wear female agbada styles know that accessories can make or break the outfit. You don’t want the look to be too severe, so you have to mix it up with gorgeous jewellery, shoes and bag. You can wear stilettos or sneakers depending on the look you’re going for.

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5. Embroidery and your agbada ankara styles for women

Embroidery can add swag to the outfit. People will know you put a lot of work into sewing your agbada gown once the see the intricate design.

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