Who We Are

Virtue Digest is more than just an online magazine, it is a community of sisters who share the same struggles and are on a collective journey to personal discovery and self-mastery, rejoicing in one another’s victories and relishing each moment along the way.

What We See (Vision)

We are poised to see women take up the total capacity of the diverse roles for which they were created and thus live a life of purpose and impact.

What We do (Mission)

In the pursuit of creating a place where women can free themselves of all inhibitions as they wrestle with the deep issues of their lives and the world around us, our missions are:

To furnish women with an online resource center equipped with such materials as it relates to their purpose, relationships, and passions.

To offer our fellow sisters a forum specifically created to encourage and motivate all women to gain confidence in themselves, their abilities and aspire to greatness.

To be a springboard; to uplift women and cheer them on as they are released into their places of purpose and fulfillment.

To challenge women to dream big, work hard and always know that they are made for more.

Editorial Board

Publisher – Babatunde Oladele

Editor-in-Chief – Omatseye Oti


Virtue Digest is a Publication of Sons of Issachar Concepts

About Sons of Issachar Concepts

Sons of Issachar Concepts is a transformational firm that offers strategy, publishing, process management and life-enhancement services to an elite crop of individuals and corporate establishments.

The firm was inspired by the biblical sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, and knew what to do. To this end, Sons of Issachar Concepts provides timely and/or critical intervention, as necessary, through publications, strategy consulting, process improvement services, as well as coaching and mentoring sessions.

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