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A Ride to Destiny

We are in the most crucial segment in the race of life; we are sprinting towards our individual aspirations and expectations which are determined by time. Your pace and stamina will sustain you only if you persist. Since no man is promised eternity, though you may enjoy longevity of life, you must make the best use of the time you have here on earth.


You must always be aware that time is a temporary element of life. Once you realize yours is a temporary assignment on earth, you will avoid being caught up in the web that is commonly associated with human beings; scarcity, regret, fear, anxiety and uncertainty. We forget that though we are in a race, our take off and destination points are not the same. As we differ in colour, shape and size, so our destinies differ too.  Fix your eyes on your own race, it saves you time and gives you the focus you need to get to your desired destination.


Did you know the whole essence of your existence is to fulfill purpose? Your business here is to contribute your quota on this planet. Your life gives you time to manifest and express your purpose, so use it wisely! However, you must discover and commit yourself to the completion of that purpose; otherwise the entire process is truncated. As long as you have breath, you have the rare privilege to make your life count. You also have the opportunity to make history and leave an indelible mark in your chosen field.

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Your impact and relevance in life is measured in terms of purpose. In other words, the original intent or the reason for your existence is purpose. The only way to use something in its normal or correct state and for optimal performance is to discover the purpose for which it was created. Consequently, if you do not know the purpose of a particular thing, you will inevitably abuse it and it may eventually affect you.


You should live in this consciousness; everything and everyone has a purpose. When you do this, a whole lot of things begin to make sense to you. You are neither caught off-guard or perplexed when the storm comes and the wind blows, you face them head on. The more you run with this consciousness, the better you gain strength and insight on how to avoid potholes and pitfalls. You know, the interesting thing about purpose is that it gives you the ability to see success even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.


Whatever your purpose is, you already have all it takes to fulfill it, as long as you have life. It is irrelevant to give any excuse because this is the only channel you have to express your purpose. The potential is inherent, the opportunities abound, and you are equal to the task ahead of you. Don’t look back, it does not matter what anyone says or sees concerning your destiny, do not be weary, ride on. Remember the battle is not to the swift, nor the race to the strong, time and chance is what makes the difference!

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