learn to laugh, every day

There is something so simple that you can perform and it guarantees a great  of your appearance. It is a smile or better still laughter. It keeps negativity off your way, from the time you wake to see another bright new day. I have come to the realisation that, in life, it is either you laugh to forget or you forget to laugh. So which are you? An optimist or a pessimist.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “the worst day that you can have is the day you have not laughed”. It is the only medicine that requires no prescription.

According to the health practitioners, laugh is an exercise that burns calories, relaxes the muscles, relives pain, eases depression and decreases negativity thinking among other benefits. Also, laughing for about 15 minutes a day burns as many as 40 calories.

When you are at work, a sense of humour helps you to tolerate your fellow colleagues, to adapt with the unexpected and to bear the unattractive. The work place is like a world you have to seek for shelter all by yourself. So, when you laugh at it, it does same; but, when you frown at it, it does same as well. You should learn to find happiness at work.

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At home, your family is another world. As it is said, they are your companion in every area of life.  Always strive to be the reason someone laughs when they are in a mood that is not palatable. Guess what? Each time you laugh, something is added to your life. You might not know or notice it but, you will begin to see positivity in everything.

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Some of the benefits of laughter:

Laugher provides physical wellness by boosting your immune system, reducing pain, increasing respiration, lowering blood sugars and improving digestion.

Smile gives mental wellness by creating clarity, improving focus and alertness, building confidence and improving the problem solving skills.

It guarantees emotional wellness by improving attitude, lifting morale, releasing worry and increasing creativity.

Also, it provides spiritual wellness by increasing the willingness to forgive and receive and raising the consciousness level.

Whoever laughs last laughs best. Stop concentrating on your worries. Stop thinking about your past and be your own inspiration. You must have heard so much about this. But this is a reminder that it is impossible to be happy on the outside without reflecting it on the inside.

Hey you, if you can laugh at it definitely you can live with it! So, try to laugh a few times each day. It is the best medicine!


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