In recent times, the quest for greatness and success has driven man to device several means to achieving a desired result.  Whoever is caught up in the web of any strong desire for status and power is vulnerable to many vices. I am not advocating that man should not be ambitious or aspire to succeed, but you should not climb on everybody’s toe or deliberately avoid paying your dues just to get to your desired end.

Paying your dues means that you must sacrifice time, ideas, labor, and render services in one capacity or the other. Hence, there is no service if it does not take any sacrifice or effort from you. The bottom line is, as you climb or go about fulfilling your dreams and rise on the ladder of success, you should consciously carry as many people as you can along.

Note: this conscious or deliberate lifestyle is not mandatory but necessary. One of my mentors once said: “any aspiration or dream that is not people oriented or for the benefit of humanity is only a selfish wish that may never succeed or become a reality”. You will agree with me that the most reputable companies in the world are conversant with meeting a need or rendering services to humanity in one capacity or the other.

To this end, their target market will always identify with their product offering or services respectively. Whether you are born to make an impact, invent, manufacture, create and proffer lasting solutions to human difficulties, the underlying drive is to meet needs, and make life easier for your fellow human beings.

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You can imagine if someone did not yield to the drive to make hand-fans, maybe there would not have been a drive to make ceiling/standing fans. And then someone thought: why not create something better; the air conditioners came forth. If there is no heart of service in these unique individuals, you wouldn’t have a bed to sleep on, or clothes to wear. The cars, tricycles, airplanes, name them; every invention is geared towards making life easier for us all.

This applies to you as an individual, whose purpose or desire is to contribute your quota here on earth. Be it leaving legacies, to creating lasting solutions to problems or meeting needs, none of these expectations can materialize without the consciousness of service to humanity. I mean, what then would be the essence of this dream you are so passionate about?

Irrespective of the services you are rendering, it would be of no relevance if it is not beneficial to first; your immediate association and then the world at large. This is purely borne out of compassion to make a difference in a world that is unapologetically programmed to deify self.


Morenike Adams.

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