Empowered Woman

Girl, Get Up! –Sarah Jakes Roberts

“Do not be afraid, only believe. Girl, you’ve been down for too long and it’s time to get up again. It is time to reach pass where pain met you. It’s time to grab the little girl who believes that all things were possible. It’s time to understand that you can’t afford to just exist anymore so, get up and get your power back-” Sarah Jakes Roberts.

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Why Transparency Matters in Business

Transparency in business leads to trust. It helps you to be committed to your customers, investors and employees to build the best venture you could. Basically, transparency is a process of being open, honest and straightforward about the company’s operation.

Tips for Great Job Interview

If you are one who hasn’t done many job interviews in the past, the uncertainty will only add to your jitters. But, if you really want to ace your next job interview, here are few tips for before, during and after the interview.

How to Prepare Ayamase Stew

Ayamase is easy to prepare and it hit differently at ceremony, hangout, parties, and family gatherings. However, it is advisable to have you water or a chilled drink beside you when you are about to eat the delicious meal.

Health Risks of Carrying Heavy Loads

Carrying heavy loads is now a norm for human beings. When you are asked to lift heavy loads, you may be tempted to lift it on your own, rather than calling for help or using the proper lifting equipment. Whether you are really strong or you are thinking it’s a short distant, you need to be careful of the loads you carry.

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