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8 Ways to Stand Out in Life

Everyone’s born to stand out. Everyone has a unique purpose in life and something great to offer the world. So, what if you could stand out in a crowded field of professionals, and be noticed as the best in your fields? What if you could be a chosen leader? It should be noted that, to stand out in all spheres of influence, it takes extra work, dedication and energy.

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Why Transparency Matters in Business

Transparency in business leads to trust. It helps you to be committed to your customers, investors and employees to build the best venture you could. Basically, transparency is a process of being open, honest and straightforward about the company’s operation.

Tips for Great Job Interview

If you are one who hasn’t done many job interviews in the past, the uncertainty will only add to your jitters. But, if you really want to ace your next job interview, here are few tips for before, during and after the interview.

How to Prepare Ayamase Stew

Ayamase is easy to prepare and it hit differently at ceremony, hangout, parties, and family gatherings. However, it is advisable to have you water or a chilled drink beside you when you are about to eat the delicious meal.

Do You Need Many Friends?

Most times, people utter the statement, “they are just my friends, not my close friends.” Well, there are no rules as to how many friends you should have. The number of friends and intensity of the friendship needs to change from period to period, and sometimes even during a single week.

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