To win your spouse permanently, you need to build a good character. A good character is something that can only be consciously developed. There is no vacuum in nature. If you are not developing a good character, you are definitely learning a bad one. You can develop good characters by doing the following:

Break that bad character.

Deal with that negative character, change the bad habit.

Develop good habits.

 Form good habits by changing your bad behaviours and learning how to act and react positively.

Determine good character you will like to develop.

Write the bad characters you want to deal with and the good ones you want to develop.

Change your values.

Change your values by changing your belief system and change your belief system by changing the way you think. If you don’t think right you cannot act or reset mind, if you can’t act right, you cannot live right.

Ask God to help you.

 Yes, ask for God’s help in your helplessness. He is the only one who can help your infirmities and help change your character for good.

Pray for strength to do what is right. Ask the Holy Ghost to fill your heart so that you may be able to do what is right and develop a godly character.

Talk to yourself.

The best preacher you can ever have for yourself is you. So go ahead and preach to yourself and talk to yourself about that anger. Remind yourself that anger rests in the bossom of fools and the anger of man does not glorify God. Talk to yourself about any bad character you have about developing a better one.

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Move with people with the character you desire.

Steer clear of anyone who possess bad habits you are dealing with and make friends with those friends with those you desire to emulate.

Be persistent.

 As you try to form new character, you may fail in the first trial. Don’t be despondent, but be persistent and try again. Be persistence until you win.Get back to the word of God. Fill your heart with the word of God. Read it, study it, memorise it, and meditate upon it. Let the word break your character. From new characters based on the word of God

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