Everyone wants to keep fit but few have the discipline to keep to a work-out routine. You definitely want to stay fit, have the right fat in the right places and amounts – no more, no less – but adhering to a rigorous work-out plan is not just your thing. I mean, there is the never-ending helluva things to do, deadlines to meet, chores to juggle,and spending the little time you squeeze out of your crazy schedule to go to a gym is definitely out of the question. So how do you keep fit without losing your mind – or money? Simple. Follow these simple work-out routine every other morning and you’re fixed! They won’t take too much of your time (20-30mins) and you can follow through right there in your bedroom. Cool, right?! Yeah, you’re not the only “I’m too lazy to properly get this fitfam lifestyle going, but I want to stay fit and healthy”.

So, let’s go through our quick fix:

  • Fifteen squats



If you’re looking for a powerful way to boost your overall fitness and get some serious results — fast – then squats is your go-to exercise. It’s a leg exercise that promotes body-wide muscle building by catalyzing an anabolic environment. Squats are also one of the best functional exercises out there, promoting mobility and balance and helping you complete real-world activities with ease. Squats also help you to burn more fat, as one of the most time-efficient ways to burn more calories continually is by developing more muscle. Although squats have long been criticized for being destructive to your knees, research shows that when done properly, squats actually improve knee stability and strengthen connective tissue. And if you listen to the grapevine, squats is the number one reason given by women who suddenly developed more rotund derrieres.

  • Ten Push-ups
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Pushups help you focus on your arms, abs and your lower body, all at the same time. They train your muscles to work together and become stronger. It is a strength exercise that also boosts metabolism

  • Twenty Jumping jacks



Jumping jacks boost your heart rate. An increased heart rate causes the body to burn more calories and burn fat which results in weight loss. By breathing deeply while performing jumping jacks, blood circulation is improved which oxygenates your blood and muscles.

  • Twenty Crunches




Crunches work on your abs and help burn belly fat. Crunches help improve balance by strengthening abdominal muscles. Strong core muscles improve posture, which helps to function efficiently in everyday activities. A healthy posture also helps prevent lower back pain and muscle injury.


  • Ten Lunges

Lunges target the quadriceps, but involve additional muscles, including the glutes, hamstrings, calves and core muscles, making them an important exercise for toning the lower body. They are also back-friendly, because of the need to keep your back straight and your chest lifted, so you have little risk of back strain.

Stretch for a minute or two to bring your body back to rest. Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming a #FitFam champion!

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