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It has finally happened, the wedding day has come and gone. All the family members that came together for your joyous occasion have all gone back to their houses. Now all that is left is you and your spouse. Your goal at this stage is to have the ‘happy’ marriage that everyone has wished for you, but how do you start?

The following 8 tips may help you start your married life on a good note;

Tip 1: Invest in your marriage

Investing does not always require spending money. You invest in your marriage by spending time together. The dating that occured in the months and years leading up to your wedding should continue. Spending time together should do wonders to your new marriage.

Tip 2: Communicate with your spouse

You cannot afford to let the lines of communication die. Talk to your spouse, share your worries, your hopes, your goals and your dreams. Let your spouse know what is important to you.

Tip 3: Say nice things to each other

Simple words, like ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ go a long way. Remind yourselves daily with words of why you fell in love with each other.

Tip 4: Learn how to fight fair

Fighting fair means that when you have arguments, you don’t allow other issues to come in. It also means that even though you are angry with your spouse, you don’t say anything hurtful that you may regret later.

Tip 5: Treat your in-laws as you will your own family

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Now that you are married, your in-laws have become family. Since there is no perfect family, you should learn to accept and love your in-laws as they are. After all these are the people who helped shape your husband into the man that he is today. Being respectful and polite to your in-laws will start your relationship on a good note.

Tip 6: Spend time alone

Being married does not mean you should spend time alone. Sometimes we need space, to think, do exercise, read a book etc. Spending time alone allows you to appreciate each others company better.

Tip 7: Start managing your finances from Day 1

You should start reading up on how to manage your finances.Cultivate a savings habit and make sure you don’t spend money on unnecessary expenses. Managing your finances well will place less stress on your marriage.

Tip 8: Have regular sex

An active sex life from Day 1 is what you want and should continue. Do what you have to do to make sure your that the energy levels of the early days won’t go down. Have regular sex and don’t be afraid to experiment with times, locations, frequency. Be spontaneous.

Having a nice wedding and good intentions may not be enough to produce a successful, happy marriage, however the motivation and conscious decision of you and your partner to work on your relationship, may help ensure that you have a happy long lasting marriage.

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