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Style and fashion rule! We do want to look great at all times. What outfit you are going to wear today is usually decided once you wake up in the morning. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

  1. Sneakers worn with pants, pumps worn with skirts and dresses

You are free to wear the type of shoes you like with various clothes. You are not supposed to wear pumps with skirts or dresses only. You can wear this type of footwear with jeans and pants as well. Your sneakers will look perfect if matched with a long summer skirt or a short mini jeans skirt. Maxi dresses and sneakers is another great combination. This mix will create a dynamic and contemporary look of an active lady. Besides, such ideas can help you both look good and feel comfy.

  1. You do not need to button yourself to the eyes

Your outfit does not have to be buttoned up 24/7. If you need to wear a tie, then the story is different. You might need this sort of official wear when you are going to an important meeting or any other situation where you are required to look strict, disciplined and uniformed. If you know that this is not the major requirement, then we suggest you should look more relaxed and natural. You can even put on a nice neck accessory like a chain, necklace or scarf.

  1. Try a different hairstyle instead of your ponytail

It takes seconds to tie your locks into a ponytail. It is comfortable if you are at home doing your daily errands. It is fine to keep your hair tied in a ponytail while gardening, doing laundry and even working in an office. But if you never change your hairstyle, you might not look as interesting, stylish and elegant as you can! There are plenty of other types of hairstyles and haircuts that you can try out from time to time. Change your looks more often and do not be afraid of loose hair, buns, waves and curls as well as straight hair that are styled in a fashionable manner. You can look through a fashion magazine or drop by the nearest hairdresser’s salon to ask for advice and see what’s in trend this year.

  1. You are absolutely sure that accessories make you look funny
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Some girls avoid accessories. They don’t wear them simply because they are afraid to look silly. As a matter of fact, nowadays you can find thousands of various accessories you can use that will make you look aristocratic, luxurious and stylish. You can choose from hundreds of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Some look great yet cost little. If money is not an issue, feel free to buy a famous brand. Accessories are not only about jewelry. You can consider wearing scarves, gloves, hats and belts to make your outfit more colorful. Finally, handbags and purses are not less important. They look beautiful too.

  1. You prefer belts, shoes, and purses of the same color

We are still talking about accessories. This tip is for girls who have plenty of them, but they always try to match the colors. Actually, matching shoes, bags and belts is not a must at all. Some fashion experts say that matched accessories are no longer in trend. Nowadays women can wear accessories of different colors. Bright shoes will match great with a handbag of a neutral color. Shiny jewelry can look good if you wear matte fabrics, for instance. Use your imagination!

  1. You avoid wearing prints

The fact is that wearing clothes with some prints on is a challenging task. Finding the prints that suit you is not easy either. These two reasons are mainly why most people prefer to wear clothes without any prints at all. This might be all right, of course. But don’t you want to look different and stylish from time to time? Monochromic wardrobe is not as exciting and playful as that with a few nice prints in it. No need to overdo the stuff either. Be reasonable and add a couple of things with tasteful prints to your current wardrobe. Remember that big prints can visually make some of your body parts bigger. If you do not need this sort of effect, then we recommend you should opt for smaller prints.

  1. Black and white prevail in your wardrobe
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Why would you need a wardrobe that looks like a zebra? Don’t you think it’s too boring to have black and white clothes and no other colors? Make your wardrobe more colorful and varied. Enjoy different colors. Bright as well as neutral colors should exist in your wardrobe too. We do admit that the basic colors like black and white will always be in fashion. However, you should not restrict yourself to two colors only. Opt for more or less neutral and natural colors and hues if you are not yet ready for bright colors. Beige, cold blues and reds are not less impressive.

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