Your everyday fashion routine can easily become too simple and boring. You have already formed your own style and acknowledged well what looks good on you and what does not.

Unfortunately, it leads to bore and monotony in your daily fashion manner, and one time you just won’t be able to get rid of it. We’d like to give you a tip how to look fresh and new easily.

1.     Don’t Avoid Trends

Having a classic style with all that blazers, suits, moderate skirts and timeless blouses is not bad but fashion means also following a trend from time to time. Look through latest magazines and find some trends that suit you and are not very expensive. Even a classic wardrobe gets a big lift with a couple of trendy things.

2.     New Use Of Oldies Is Fun

You may have a couple of things that are really out of fashion – for example that wonderful handmade scarf Great Aunt Mildred had sewn for you. Design of that thing is cute, but you don’t wear it because of its enormous size. Maybe you should try to use it as a tube top or a dress cover on a summer evening? Look through your wardrobe – you’ll find lots of things ready to use with a twist of fantasy.

3.     Blandish your Legs

A new pair of shoes will definitely give any look some freshness. No matter if you choose something classic or prefer trendy toxic colors – a new pair is a great shift for the whole look as it is. If you don’t feel comfortable in high heels, spare them: there are many flats and ballerinas that may give you a needed fashion spark.

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4.     Add Some Color

Stylists often advise creating a basic wardrobe with several classic colors – from black to neutrals. This advice is good, but sometimes to get out of bore you have to become brighter. Nothing is more snooze starting than playing only with basics and classics. Get some lavender, pink or red stuff to complete your grays and blacks with some craziness.

5.     Try Being Blonde

A new hair color can be wonderful option to a woman who is a bit bored with herself. Try on a new color – blonde or brunette, light your hair with electric blue or neon green highlights. Total switch can be made with no damage to your real color – just put a wig on or buy temporary hair dye. It will look totally natural with modern cosmetic technologies – and your friends may really think that you gone blond forever.

6.     Borrow From A Friend

Try to look for new ideas in your best friend’s, sister’s or partner’s wardrobe. I bet you both have some stuff that you don’t really wear, but that would perfectly fit to another person. Maybe your bestie has a wonderful belt that she got as a gift and it doesn’t suit to her dresses? Switch it with delicious brooch filled with bad memories your ex presented to you. This swap can become temporary or permanent if every part of the deal agrees.

7.     Accessorize Yourself

Did you see some mods who are able to create totally finished look? Their secret of perfectly pulling clothes, shoes and hair together is in nice pack of accessory. Jewelry, belts and other decorations drive their dressings from fine to outstanding. You don’t have to cover your entire body with that stuff, but a clever addition of pearl string or some bracelets can be у real refresher and a focal point of the look.

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As you see, no big  money or efforts are needed to switch up the look you are bored of. Change some things and you will have a great difference.



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