Menstrual cramps are a very common occurrence among women all over the world. These pains are usually caused when the uterine contracts to move blood to the uterus. There are different types of menstrual pains but they usually have the same symptoms including nausea, constipation, diarrhea, back pain, headaches and a host of other irritating symptoms…

You: Is there a way to get of this annoying pain fast?

iDonsabi: Yes!

You: Then let’s cut the chit chat and get to it!

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7 ways to get rid of period pains fast!

#1 Turn up the heat

Using a heat pad or hot water bottle on the bell increases your blood flow to the area and helps ease pain and comfort. The heating pad also relaxes the myometrium and reduces the constriction of blood vessels. In the absence of a heat pad, you can use a towel regularly soaked in skin safe hot water. You can place your heat pad or towel on the lower part of your abdomen to reduce symptoms.

#2 Take OTC pain relievers

There are several over the counter (OTC) drugs that can help you get rid of period pain immediately. These drugs work by reducing the production of prostaglandins which is the body pain hormone. Some common over the counter drugs for treating period cramps include NSADs like ibruprofen and piroxicam tablets. You can check out more in-depth info on OTC drugs or period pain here. However, be sure to consult a physician before popping any o these pills into your mouth.

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#3 Get some herbal relief

If you are skeptical about taking over the counter drugs, you can go herbal. However like OTC drugs, you should get clearance from your doctor before taking these herbs, especially if you are pregnant. You can turn to herbs such as dong quai, black cohosh, ginger, wild yam, chamomile and a host of others.

#4 Exercise

Studies have shown that exercising regularly has the power to reduce cramping during period. Exercise achieves this by increasing blood flow to the uterus. Be careful not to do strenuous exercises during your period as this might wear you out. Exercises like walking, swimming and a host of othersgo a long way in reliving cramps.

#5 Eat it away

Yes, you can literally eat your menstrual pain away by eating food that help alleviate period cramps. In fact the food you eat plays a huge role in determining whether you experience cramps or not during your monthly cycle. Some foods for alleviating period cramps include beans and legumes, ginseng, cocoa, dark chocolate, apricots, pears, bananas, cucumbers, kale, yogurt, spinach, broccoli, parsley, grapefruits, celery, hummus, banana, salmon etc

#6 Water

Lots of water. For some women, their period pain is often made worse by constipation and bloating. Water can help reduce these symptoms. You can try infused water such as ginger infused water, pineapple infused water, peppermint infused water, and any other fruit or vegetable infused water.

#7 Take a warm bath

A warm bath does relive cramps in surprising ways. You can go the extra mile by infusing essential oils such as lavender, vanilla and peppermint oil into your bath water. Warms baths with oils not only boost endorphin levels but also improve blood circulation.

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So there you have it! 7 ways to get rid of period pain fast. After you have gotten rid of your period pain, do not wait until another monthly cycle to stay pain free. You can prevent period pains from ever happening by applying these lifestyle changes, you can also check out these permanent treatments for period pain.

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