Make-up is an art that is applied to the face for the purpose of improving it’s appearance. If your skin color is fair, medium or dark, not to worry there is something for everybody’s skin color. When buying make-up try not to get too much out of one cosmetic. One product can’t take off ten years, even out skin tone, even out skin texture, be shine-free, oil free and be 24 hour wear at the same time. It is always advisable to go to a large store or beauty store which carries multiple lines of cosmetics, where you have varieties to choose from and a beauty technician can assist you where you have questions. Here are 7 tips to help you when buying/choosing the right make-up:

  1. First things first is to determine your skin tone.
  2. Choose your shade of powder or foundation by matching the color to your jawline. Since it’s between your face and neck (the two places that the foundation and powder should match). If the shades of your face & neck are slightly different, attempt to find one that’s in between.
  3. Don’t wear makeup when you go out shopping for cosmetics, it will be confusing to determine your natural skin color.
  4. Pick one or two needs you know you must have in your product.
  5. Look for store samples you can try on your skin before you buy the product.
  6. Buy a new foundation for every season. Your skin changes shade and texture during different weather.
  7. If you have dry skin go for a luminous foundation. If you have oily skin, go for oil-free liquid or powder foundation. If you have combination skin (oily and dry), go for powder foundation. If you’re prone to breakouts, use a foundation that contains salicylic acid.
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