Your wedding is s special occasion for you. It is not less special for your guests. Think about the people whom you expect to see at the ceremony. If you use the tips below, your wedding party will be absolutely unforgettable.

This is what can keep your guests pleased and satisfied.

1.     Welcome your guests.

It does not matter how close your wedding guests live from the place where you intend to hold your wedding ceremony. All visitors should be thanked for coming to congratulate you. Spend some time with each person and let them know that you appreciate their attention. A welcome basket or a welcome bag is a great alternative to demonstrate your appreciation.

2.     Arrange an open bar

One of the worst things that can ruin good impression about your wedding party is the cash bar. Have an open bar instead. Cannot offer a full open bar? Then offer less luxurious beverages, such as soda, wine and beer. Here the main point is not how many drinks you offer and how expensive they are, but the fact that you do not expect your guests to pay for anything.

3.     Be punctual

Always run on time. Remember that it’s disrespectful to make your guests wait for you. The day should begin on time since a delay can impact the rest of the ceremony.

4.     Comfort is more important than anything else

Let your guests feel comfortable from the very beginning till the very end of your wedding ceremony. Provide plenty of shade if the weather is hot and sunny. Offer comfortable chairs and refreshing beverages once the guests arrive at the party. Take care of the small things.

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5.     Keep your guest fed

A wedding party without plenty of food and drinks is impossible. You might opt to offer appetizers before the ceremony. In some instances hosts serve appetizers during the party too. Your guests should not be kept waiting for food! Have a few alternatives in case some of your guests have dietary limitations.

6.     Provide transportation

Drinking and driving is out of the question. Solve the issue beforehand. Provide transportation so that your wedding guests could get back home or hotel without any risk. Some of the best types of transportation would be either Uber or a shuttle bus.

7.     Let your guests go home with treat

We love favors. A guest who goes back home with a treat is a happy guest! We recommend you should prepare an item that could be used for years to come. A stylish photo frame or a holiday decoration is a wonderful choice. An edible treat is also suitable for this kind of occasion.



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