The family is the meaning of our life. It is that driving force, which makes us put goals in front of us and achieve them. The family is those people, for the sake of which we self-improve and self-develop. The family is the people who love us and whom we love. Why then the relationships inside families sometimes are so complicated? The reasons are that we all have forgotten several simple rules, which are compulsory to follow if you want your family to be a healthy one.

1 – Respect is in the first place

The human existence is impossible without respect. Such simple postulates as “respect each other’s opinion”, “refer to each other’s habits loyally”, “consider each other’s tastes” are those few things that can reduce the number of conflict situations. It is so easy to be polite, tactful, attentive, and caring for other people. Why should it be different with your beloved ones?

2 – Don’t wash your linen in public

Husband and wife should solve their problems themselves. They mustn’t tell anything to other people (including their parents). And parents, in their turn, mustn’t interfere in their children’s life. Moreover, it is forbidden to take out the issues that take place inside your family and share it with your friends and acquaintances. The time will come and you and your partner will forget about those negative emotions, but other people will keep the thought that not everything is fine with your family.

3 – Self-dependence of a new family

The psychologists think that for the better children’s raising there should be present three generations under one roof – the grannies, parents, and children. But nowadays young parents strive for independence and it’s not surprising at all as mothers-in-law always try to put their nose in their children’s lives, therefore damaging the harmony of their children’s family.

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4 – Elementary politeness

The comfort of your family can be created by the elementary respect and care. One shouldn’t forget about such simple polite words as“please” and “thank you”. Remember to respect the older ones and remember to respect each other’s private space. The same thing regards to children – respect your kids’ privacy, as it influences their future character and their moral values.

5 – Fight the rumours

it is forbidden to discuss other members of your family or your friends in the presence of your children. Besides, it is not right that the child becomes a witness of family argues, as it may damage a fragile child’s psycho. Moreover, if you require something from your child, you must also do the same. As only on your personal example, the child will understand how much it is important what you require.


6 – Kids’ raising is equal to self-raising

Older people must watch their behaviour and the words they say, as they are an example for their children. Don’t think that an accidentally said word would stay unnoticed to children’s ears. Kids are like a sponge – they soak everything that surrounds them. It’s useless to tell them how they should behave – you must simply show it on your own example.

7 – The feeling of unity

The main rule of the family etiquette is “the family is more important than anything else”. So all of the decisions that are being taken should be discussed all together, including your children. For example, if there are any financial problems, which might make your children abandon to visit a swimming pool or a dance class, your kids have the right to know about those hard times. Rise in your children the feeling of unity as it is a pledge of a strong and happy family.

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