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7 Proofs That You Have Fallen in Love

There are at least seven signs that prove that someone is in love. The difference between lust, passion and love exists and here what happens when you love someone.

You tolerate pain better

Pain is hard to ignore. Some people can tolerate it better than others. However, when you are in love with someone, then your tolerance is higher and you don’t feel pain. We are now talking about physical pain of course. How it happens has already been explained by scientists. As a matter of fact, when you love someone, your body produces special hormones that are responsible for your physical state. Your brain receives signals telling it how you are feeling. In most cases your response to pain will be lower and slightly delayed. Your mind is busy thinking about the person you are in love with hence you pay less attention to yourself. You are focused on someone else and you tend to think about yourself less. You ignore many things around you including pain and other physical states that would not go unnoticed if you were not in love.

You catch yourself smiling

Happy people smile more often. And people who are in love feel happier since their thoughts are all about someone whom they need and love. You remember the moments spent together or you start imagining how it will be great to see your beloved person in the future. You smile each time you remember your talks face to face or on the phone and texts that you received – all these things make you smile.

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You check your phone more often

Expecting to receive a text makes you check your cell phone a lot. You do not want to miss his or her phone call hence you keep your device around to see when it starts ringing. Even those who claim they hate talking on the phone make an exception for those they are in love with. Your special one changes your rules and habits and you like what you used to dislike.

New things seem to be more interesting than usual

You’re interested in different things. But when you are in love, then you become involved in new activities and absolutely different sort of information matters to you. New things are usually related to the person whom you love. You want to know why your significant other likes them and why those things or activities are so attractive to that person. You start practicing new activities trying to figure out more stuff about your beloved one’s character, hobbies and habits. You develop new skills and talents and become a different person yourself thanks to the fact that you have fallen in love with someone who is also interested in those things. You know that it is a great way to feel closer to your partner. You wish to become part of his or her life.

Euphoria without drugs

You feel more than happy when you are in love. Your whole life then spins around the person who conquered your heart and soul. Your mind is full of thoughts about your partner and you cannot stop feeling euphoric. No alcohol or drugs yet you feel as if you have just drunk a glass of brandy or smoked a blunt. You enjoy your new sensation and admit that without your current partner your life would be less exciting. Thanks to the person whom you love now you feel something you have never felt before.

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Your sex drive is higher

The more you care for your partner, the higher your sex drive is. You want to be intimate with him or her and this is absolutely natural and normal. Love consists of many various components. Passion, lust, sex and many other things come with love. Intimacy is very important for both partners and it’s good that you have met a person who feels the same way towards you. Enjoy your intimate moments!

You want to know what is on social media

Nowadays we all use social platforms. We can check out our partner’s updates, posts and photos to see what’s going on in the person’s life. Your partner and you are proud of being seen together. You also change your ‘single’ status – now it says you are ‘attached’. If you are in love, you can hardly hide your feelings and emotions. You want the entire world to know about your happiness.

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