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7 Most Common Questions asked about Coronavirus

Below are the 7 most common questions asked about the Coronavirus.

What is the Origin of The Coronavirus?

The Virus has been around since 2002; when there was an outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in China. In late 2019 a new strain of the Virus was discovered in China which was much more severe and easily transmitted. This new strain is said to be a combination of two viruses which evolved and became capable of infecting humans.

How is the Virus Contacted?

The Virus is contacted through an uninfected person coming in contact with the respiratory droplets of an infected person. This occurs during coughing or sneezing or touching a contaminated surface. However, he virus enters the body stream when hands used in touching contaminated surfaces touch your face. This include: eyes, mouth and nostrils.

What are the Most Common Symptoms of the Coronavirus?

These symptoms include; shortage of breath, fever and coughing. The less common symptoms are muscle pain, sputum and sore throat.

What Factors Affects Chances of Surviving the Virus if I Contact It?

These factors include; age and state of health as at the time of contacting the Virus. For those who are advanced in age and have poor health, the chance of survival is significantly reduced. That is why out of the reported cases of Coronavirus related deaths, a high percentage are advanced in age.

How Does Quarantine and Shut Down of Activities Affect the Spread of the Virus?

Put simply, it helps to curtail the spread of the Virus as those who are infected would not come in contact with those not infected.

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Is Chloroquine really effective in treating Coronavirus?

Recently, results from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and the Quingdao Municipal Hospital, have identified that the malaria drug; Chloroquine Phosphate, is effective in treating Coronavirus. To be specific, the drug increases the endosomal PH and disrupts the terminal glycosylation, and both of these shuts down the growth of the virus.

How can I Protect Myself and My Family?

Wash your hands regularly for about 20 seconds. Make use of hand sanitizers from time to time. Sneeze or cough into a piece of tissue paper or your bent elbow. Avoid touching any part of your face with your hands. Build your immune resistance by taking vitamins and fruits.
Now that you have answers to the 7 Most Common Questions asked about the Coronavirus. Hope you stay safe.

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