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7 Characteristics of a Mentally Strong Woman

Women are often tagged ‘tough, relentless, strong’, even ‘ruthless’ in some cases.  They are not treated as equals with men. Hence, they have to demand what they want and they have to work twice if not three times as hard as the men to reach the top. This is not an easy feat and it takes a strong mentality. Who are mentally strong women? Let’s look at 7 characteristics of a mentally strong woman:

A Risk Taker and a Good Decision Maker

Instead of hiding behind others, waiting for decisions to be made and simply nodding her head in agreement. The mentally strong woman takes charge and makes good decisions. She remains level headed as she calculates the pros and cons of the risks she takes. She does not hesitate to do so when she has to.

Confidence and Optimism Personified

All women with strong mentality are always in the front lines and spotlight, breaking barriers and setting the pace for others. They are optimistic about their moves, risks and decisions.

Top-notch Multitasking Ability

A woman with a strong mentality will be able to juggle family, social, as well as secular life while still having some time for herself. More so, these are mentally, physically and emotionally draining, but after she has met all the demands of her life’s spheres, she stands tall.

Fast Recovery from Past Mistakes

While others allow their mistakes to hold them back, she rises from her mistake. She learns from them and moves on. There is no holding a woman who is mentally strong back, not even by her own mistakes.

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Financially Independent

A mentally strong woman does not depend on anyone for her needs and wants. She gets whatever she wants when she wants it. She is her own ‘sugar daddy’ who spoils herself with her earned money from time to time.

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Loyal and Reliable in all Relationships

The mentally strong woman holds loyalty and reliability in high regard. More importantly, she is loyal to her mate, her business associates, her friends and her family.

High Self Esteem

She knows her worth and never settles for less. She never tears down her gender and she views their successes as a re-validation of their individual and collective strengths.

A woman with an extraordinarily strong mentality, ticks all the boxes addressed in these 7 Characteristics of a Mentally Strong Woman

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