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Sweet Potatoes are tuberous crops with the scientific name Ipomoea Batatas. They are often consumed as a snack and sometimes as a meal, and can be easily found both in traditional market or modern market. Aside from the fact that sweet potatoes are ‘sweet’, they contain various health and nutritional benefits for women. Some of them include:


  1. They help influence fertility.

For women who are still in their fertility period, consuming sweet potatoes, which is rich in vitamin A, helps influence fertility; and it isalso importantthat women consume this food during pregnancy and while they are breast-feeding because of the vitamin A it provides.

  1. It helps relieve diseases.

Beta carotene in a sweet potato has been said to help relieving HIV virus infection. It also helps relieve arthritis, cancer and other form of disease. Sweet potatoes also helps relieve stress.

  1. It helps cure diabetes.

Diabetic patients have strict eating pattern. They have to eat good and healthy food and avoid sweet food source. Ironically, sweet potatoes help to manage the level of blood sugar, so it is good for diabetic patients and can be used to replace rice or another source of carbohydrate.


  1. It helps to increase immunity.


Sweet potatoes also contain high volume of vitamin C and beta carotene that offer high immunity. Thus, sweet potatoes prevent illness such as flu and boost the immune system

  1. It improves vision


Vitamins A, C and E in sweet potatoes have proven effective to support the health of the eyes as well as aid better vision.

  1. It serves as a good source of energy.
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Sweet potatoes contain important mineral, such as iron and magnesium which helps increase our energy to do various activities.

  1. It helps beautifythe skin. 


Sweet potatoes consist of vitamin A and vitamin E that make our skin healthier and more beautiful. The water of boiled sweet potatoes has also been said to help improve the smoothness of the skin.

So, if you don’t take sweet potatoes, considering the health and nutritional value it contains, you might want to start taking it now.

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