I have pondered on what makes a woman special; what are those things that can make a woman a hotcake, an indispensable or valuable asset in a man’s life? These are some of those qualities that a woman should possess to make her desirable for any man. The list is not exhaustive; you may not have all, but if you are open-minded you can learn and imbibe them and even add others that you think can help add value to you.


This is a very important quality that any woman must possess. Having a good character is important not just to be a desirable woman, but also for any endeavor in life. Character is who you are; it is formed by your personal values, beliefs, orientation and also the level of information you have. A woman that would build a successful home must have a good character. Integrity, humility, honesty, selflessness are traits of a good character. Any man would be attracted to a woman who has these beautiful qualities and has a good character; there is no typical good man who would want to marry a murderer, a liar, or an unfaithful woman. Statements like anointing will take you to the top, but character will keep you there buttress this point.

Good personality

Men are also attracted to a woman with a good personality. Personality is people’s perception about you and how you carry yourself before people. If a woman comes across as someone that is nice, open, polite, friendly, respectful etc., she would be attractive to some men. While someone who is rude, disrespectful, proud, brusque would repel most men. A lady should be well-cultured, have good manners, and be warm and friendly.

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Physical attraction

A woman should be attractive; men are attracted to beautiful women. Beauty for a woman is all encompassing; both the external and innate beauty. God has made every woman fearfully and wonderfully; dress well, look good; pay attention to your looks and personal hygiene; let your hair be well-groomed. A woman should always have a fresh, sweet fragrance. It does not cost much to be beautiful; get affordable body deodorants and fragrances. It is possible for someone to have a natural bad odour probably due to improper cleansing at birth. This can be corrected; it is recommended that such a person takes her bath at least 2 times daily, and also ensures that she has body deodorants and fragrances which she sprays regularly.


Most men like women who are intelligent and resourceful. Some men are particularly attracted to successful, ambitious career women. A woman should be able to engage a man or anybody at all in intellectual discussions. That is why as a lady, you need to keep developing yourself; read books, attend seminars and programs that are mentally stimulating; get professional qualifications; be the best in your industry or at whatever you do.


Many men like women who are industrious, resourceful and enterprising. Not many men like to marry a housewife, whose only job specification is domestic chores. Most men don’t mind someone who can also contribute significantly to the finance of the home; they like someone who can help them carry the financial responsibilities of the family.


Charm is deceitful, beauty is vain, but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Most men like a woman that fears and loves God; particularly in this part of the world, men usually like someone that is devoted to God. Some men even believe that to make up for their lack of spiritual fervency they need someone who is zealous and passionate about God.

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Men are usually attracted to a lady that has a lot of maturity and composure. A lot of men like ladies who are matured and have the fortitude to withstand difficult, challenging times. A typical man likes that even when he is goofing, he has a wife that can fill in the gap at that moment. They like ladies who are both respectful and respected.


An average man likes a woman who is graceful; they like women who are refined and elegant in both speech and conduct. This does not mean being arrogant; it simply means having a high self-esteem and carrying yourself as such. A lady should have some minimum level of refinement; this includes the way you talk, how you eat outside; how you sit; your overall appearance; how you eat; generally how you conduct yourself. For example, a lady should keep her legs together when sitting if she is wearing a short skirt. A woman should also walk like a lady, not fast paced and with heavy footsteps the way a man walks.

Hospitality and cheerfulness

A woman should be hospitable and cheerful to visitors; most men appreciate this. A typical man likes that when he brings his friends and family home, they are welcome, well received and entertained. This really applies in this part of the world; a man likes that you are hospitable and warm to his family and friends; whenever they come you receive them well and make them feel like coming again.

These things are not hard; even if you don’t have them naturally, you can learn them and inculcate them. Start practicing now; with constant practice it would become a part of you.

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