The six sides of a cornerstone for business success are the different facets or functions of a business that require attention if the business is to succeed. Start-ups must be grounded in these areas in order to be successful in business.


Purpose answers the question what business are you in and why are you in that business?

Purpose is like the centre forward of a soccer team. He sets the direction of the business. Possession of the ball begins with him. Business people must have a well-defined purpose for their business that includes not only the type of business and market, but also the area of ministry that can be done through that business.


Planning answers the question where do you want to go and how are you going to get there?

Planning is like the mid-fielder on a soccer team. Planning involves being on the offensive and developing goals so that the business can win the game. It also involves being on the defensive and anticipating problems and solving them before they happen. Without this position on the team, the game will be lost because there is no game plan. As the saying goes, business people who fail to plan, plan to fail.


Marketing answers the question who is going to buy your product or service and how, where and when are you going to sell it to them?

Marketing is like the striker on a soccer team. Marketing scores the goals or makes the sale. Just as a striker must be skilled in handling the ball and in shooting it, so start-ups need to develop skills in handling customers and selling their product or service.

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Marketing involves knowing the opposition and the playing field and developing strategies to take advantage of team strengths and opposition weaknesses. Just as the striker must finish the play to win the game, so in marketing the businessperson must close the deal and follow through with it for the business to succeed.


Managing answers the question of how are you going to operate your business and who is going to have control?

Managing is like the coach of a soccer team. The coach has to make sure all the details are taken care of for the team to get to the game and be ready to play it. He oversees the game and makes sure the players are healthy and doing what they are all supposed to be doing. The coach has to be familiar with all the positions on the team and recommend what should be done to improve overall performance.

In the same way in a business organisation there must be a structure or system of operation. A good management ensures that daily activities of the company run smoothly; oversees the duties and tasks of all team members; supervises productivity and performance of team members and sees to the general operation of the business.


Budgeting answers the question of where will you get the money to operate your business and how are you going to manage that money? Budgeting is the defender on a soccer team. The defender is careful not to be caught out of position lest the opposition gain the advantage.

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In budgeting, business people must be careful that they have enough financial resources to enable the business to function and to grow. Budgeting involves planning and monitoring financial resources and making the necessary changes so that the team is in position to win the game.


Staffing answers the question of who will be employed in your business and how will you employ them?

Staffing is the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is behind all the other players on the team. So, it is the staff of a business that are behind its success. Being in the right position is very important for the goalkeeper, so it is important that the business have people in the right positions. The goalkeeper puts the ball back into play and can control the pace of the game, slowing it down or speeding it up.

Every business needs skilled hands for the business to operate. You should  not employ based on sentiments but only on skills and the ability to deliver. The right combination of staff would ensure that the business is moving and satisfaction is being delivered to clients.

The staff of a business who are properly cared for and receive a good wage will keep the business moving and productive.

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