To see that the world is full of possibilities, you need to let go of negative self-talk and speak to yourself out of the place of compassion. This is because, the words we speak have a way of shaping our being.

When we say positive phrases, it boosts our morale. For example, phrase such as “I can make it and I’d do it,” are better. Therefore, positive self-communication can change your life positively. It’d increase your self-esteem and reduce stress. So, here are the negative self-talk phrases to cut out of your vocabulary:

“I am an Idiot”

Often times, people use this phrase to signify mistakes. This description implies a permanent state because whatever that does not seem right, you blame yourself. The description becomes a part of who you are and it leaves no chance to be more than one thing. However, you can replace it with “why am I acting like an idiot right now?” With this, there is room for change. Then, you bring a close observation to yourself.

“I should be __ by now”

This is you setting a time limit for yourself, and not meeting the expectation is one of the biggest ways you create negative self-talk. The implication is that, where you are right now is not good enough. Instead, you could use the phrase, “I could be__ right now, but I am choosing to focus on my business.”

“It’s all my fault”

This particular self-talk is when you choose to believe that you are the reason for every bad situation. So, you tend to take personal responsibility for the actions of others or for the entire situation.

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“I never should have__”

It is good to learn from our mistakes. Regret is very powerful when it comes to generating negative self-talk. Most times, it happens when you look back at your past, at the things you should have avoided or failed to do. So learn from your mistakes, don’t beat yourself up.

“They must think I’m ___”

Assumption is bad. This type of negative self-talk makes you assume what others are thinking or feeling about you. You tag their thoughts negative, then you accuse yourself. Remember, your assumptions are a reflection of you.

“Why can’t I be like them?”

When you compare yourself to others, you create your own suffering. This is you comparing your insides with someone else’s outsides. Therefore, you need to resist from this self-talk. Rather, work on yourself to getting better daily. Next time you find yourself comparing, focus on celebrating their uniqueness.

No matter the situation you are going through, you need to desist from negative self-talk. It could make or mar your being.

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