Julia is sad. She longs for her daughter, Tana, to go to school but she can’t afford the tuition.

You step in and provide the money. You are the hero.

That is a measure of success but what does it take? Below are 6 must-haves in your success toolkit.

Direction and Focus

You need direction to scrutinise and channel your dreams and goals.

Focus makes your dreams tangible. Lack of direction and focus breeds procrastination and makes achieving your dreams impossible.

If you focus on what you want to achieve you will excel, if you don’t, you will struggle. Focus produces energy, will and resilience. It thrusts you over the hurdles of adversities and challenges.

Relationship with God

Man without God is nothing. From Him flow life, wisdom, peace, love, direction, favour, riches, strength, victory and every other good thing you can imagine.

Every product is best known by its manufacturer, likewise you are best known by God. Some answers and direction you seek; life strategies and victory tactics are with Him. You should know God, His plans and intents for you. Talk to him, meditate on His word, and pray to him. Keep your mind on Him. Trust Him.

He is the best guide you can ever have. Get direction from Him.

Human Relationships

No man is an island. Even God does not function in your life exclusive of relationships. You cannot succeed without people; family, friends, and other worthy relationships. You should have three levels of relationships: superiors, peers and protégés.

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You should be busy deploying your skills, knowledge and expertise, creating value in the workplace, your business, and the society. Idlers and talkers have no reward; prominence, riches and success avoid them like a plague. What are you busy at?

Financial Knowledge

Which makes the world go round, money or lack of it? Knowing how to attract money, keep and grow it will save you lots of stress, pressure and tension. You deserve and should enjoy the good things of life with your loved ones.

Look around you, your neighbourhood, community or family; someone is being pummelled by lack. With money in your hands you can be that knight in shining armour.

Don’t you want that fulfilment of helping Tana?

Character and Attitude

It takes more than skills, expertise and intellect to get to and remain at the top. Your character and attitude cannot be ignored, they will flex their muscles.

You need goodwill and the right perception about you, even if not with everyone.

Integrity, respect for others, kindness, courtesy, politeness, truth, nonconformity, optimism, confidence, etc.; are the ingredients of excellent character and attitude.

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